Lawns in the Free State. in Bloemfontein, Free State for sale

Lawns in the Free State.
Lawns in the Free State.
Lawns in the Free State.
Lawns in the Free State.

gingerGreen is a broad leaf, ever-Green lawn that has the ability to spread and grow through runners. gingerGreen will remain green right throughout the year, keeping its green appearance.
SOFT & LUXURIOUS,gingerGreen is similar in appearance and texture to that of Kikuyu yet has a richer green colour, and a much longer root system than traditional Kikuyu.
UNIQUELY DIFFERENT,gingerGreen is drought and frost resistant and will grow in full sun and shade, under trees and areas where other grasses will not grow.
EXTREMELY VERSATILE, gingerGreen is an extremely versatile grass that can be used in a variety of different applications from residential to recreational as well as commercial use.
GROWS ANYWHERE, gingerGreen lawn seeds will grow in a variety of different soils including infertile and sandy conditions.
ANY SEASON. Sowing of our gingerGreen lawn seeds can be done throughout the year and will grow in any season.
ALWAYS GREEN. Once established our gingerGreen lawns will continue to grow and remain green for 365 days of the year.
COST EFFECTIVE. A cost effective solution to acquiring green lawns with a substantial saving of 70% can be made by utilizing our seeds and growing your own lawns – compared to purchasing roll-on lawn.
ZERO HARD WORK. Our seeds can be sown over existing lawns – zero ground preparation required – no up rooting of existing lawns or weeds. 
EASY. Any person can grow lawns easily using our seeds with no training, by following our step by step instructions.
QUESTION. How many times have you bought roll on lawn to have it look good for the first few weeks but then are disappointed as it suddenly goes brown and patchy?
ANSWER.The reason being that the roll on lawn was grown in a soil with a higher acidic or alkaline content to that of your soil at home.
SOLUTION.By growing your own lawns using our seeds, they are able to adapt to the soil condition in which they are planted.
THREE EASY STEPS.Whether you are looking to grow new lawns or wanting to revive an existing lawn, greener lawns can be achieved utilising gingerGreen and our 3 easy to follow steps.
MEASURE.Measure the length and breadth of the area to be sown.
CALCULATE. Multiple the length and breadth, then divide by 25 to determine the amount of bags needed.
PURCHASE.Order and purchase our gingerGreen lawn seeds on the email address ro contact on 0824957380. 
EXISTING LAWNS.Set your lawn mower to the lowest setting and using a grass box mow existing lawns.
BARE SOIL. Prepare the ground by raking the area – making sure it is level, removing large debris and stone.
NOTE. Our bags contain organic fertilizers and natural soil enhancers. 
SOWING RATE,spread an entire bag over an area of 5m x 5m.
SOWING.Cover the newly sown area with a light layer of soil 0.5cm thick.
WATERING.Water the area well and keep soil moist for the next 14 days.